How to Dose CBD: The Ultimate Guide

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CBD is widely popular right now because people are becoming more aware of its remarkable health benefits and how to dose CBD. Because of this, there are more delivery methods than ever.

When CBD first became legalized in Canada nationwide, many people immediately ventured to the shops in order to obtain some for themselves. There are so many products containing CBD that it can make a beginner’s head swim.

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There are oils, tinctures, gummies, topicals and inhalables, but there’s one thing that you often won’t find in a shop selling CBD products: there’s no one to tell you which product to buy or how to dose CBD. The good news is that we’ve done the research and experimentation so that you don’t have to! So keep reading and we’ll tell you everything your need to know about how to dose CBD.

Intro to CBD

Before you learn how to dose CBD, you need to learn what it is and how it affects your body.

CBD is a cannabanoid, which is a compound that works similarly to naturally occurring compounds in our bodies called endocannabinoids. Humans have a whole system for processing and producing endocannabinoids, called the endocannabinoid system.

It’s comprised of endocannabinoids and receptors and it helps to regulate things like pain, sleep, appetite, mood, memory and even reproduction. It’s this endocannabinoid system’s receptors that help us process cannabinoids in CBD.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which is another well-known cannabinoid found in marijuana, has long been noted to lock into CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system, but CBD doesn’t. CBD instead gravitates toward the GABA and TRPV1 receptors, as well as interact with serotonin.

So because of the receptors and chemicals it interacts with, it causes effect various processes in the body like sleep, pain, inflammation, memory, appetite and even stress. With the health effects on so many different bodily functions, it’s pretty easy to see why CBD is so popular right now!

Does CBD get you “high”?

This is a question that many have along with how to dose CBD. One of the biggest concerns among inexperienced CBD users is whether or not it will get them high. CBD itself produces no psychoactive effects, so the answer to that question is technically “no”.

However, some CBD products also contain THC which absolutely does have psychoactive effects. So if this is something you don’t want, you’ll need to read the product description carefully or ask the merchant some pointed questions about the product’s ingredients.

Is it legal?

Obviously this seems like an important question to ask when learning how to dose CBD. In Canada both CBD and cannabis were legalized in 2018 with the Canadian Cannabis Act. CBD is specifically regulated under this act and can come from hemp plants with only .3% THC. Of course because THC is also legal in Canada it’s also legal to purchase CBD that has had more THC added to it after the CBD extraction process.

CBD is also legal in the United States and can be extracted from hemp plants with .3% THC or less. This gets complicated though. THC isn’t legal in every state and it’s not legal on a Federal level. So in the United States you can purchase CBD in any state, but not CBD that also contains THC.

Furthermore, it’s illegal to carry cannabis products across the Canada-U.S. border. So while it’s perfectly legal to purchase CBD, it’s not legal to take it with you across the border.

Does CBD interact with medications?

Many people who are learning about CBD are concerned about interactions with their medication as well as how to dose CBD. This is a legitimate concern. In fact, CBD actually can interact with certain medications.

Your body metabolizes CBD using P450 enzymes that come from the liver. Unfortunately this enzyme is also used to metabolize around 60% of pharmaceuticals on the market. If you take medications as well as CBD they will compete to be metabolized with the P450 enzymes.

Sometimes the CBD will win out, sometimes the medication will and if your medication isn’t properly metabolized it won’t work as well or for as long. So you’ll need to talk to your doctor before using CBD.

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Introduction to CBD products

There are a lot of different forms of CBD products and the type of product you use determines how to dose CBD. Here’s a brief overview of the types of CBD products on the market:


These are a capsule containing CBD that are to be swallowed. They take around 20 minutes to an hour to kick in.


This is usually sold in a small bottle with a dropper so that you can put metered droplets under your tongue. It takes about 10-15 minutes to take effect.


These are usually candies or baked goods containing CBD. You can find edibles in the form of gummies, brownies, cookies and even hard candies. You’ll notice the effects in around 20 minutes- an hour.

Topicals and bath bombs

Topicals usually take a little longer to take effect. Sometimes it takes up to 90 minutes for you to feel the effects of topicals. And it’s a good idea to enjoy a bath with a CBD bath bomb for at least half an hour.


There are a lot of CBD vape options now. Inhaled CBD hits your system quickly. You can feel the effects within 1-3 minutes.

How to dose CBD

When you’re just starting out and learning how to dose CBD, you should start with a low dose no matter which sort of CBD product you’re using. This will ensure that you get used to it without taking too high of a dose and becoming uncomfortable the first time you use it.

It’s also worth noting that many delivery methods take a while to take effect, so you shouldn’t take another dose and risk doubling up until you’ve allowed them time to fully take effect.

There are several factors that effect how to dose CBD. These include things like your body weight, the desired effect of the CBD, the potency of the CBD and the delivery method.  Here are a few guidelines for how to dose CBD:

If you’re trying a capsule stick to 5mg the first day and then up it to 10mg the next day. This should be a good way to become familiar with it comfortably.


If you’re trying an oil, try a drop or two of 10% oil to start out.


If you’re trying an inhalable version, try a cartridge or e-solution of 200mg or less. Inhale for around 8-10 seconds and remember that you don’t have to “hold it” in order to feel the effects. Inhaling the CBD gets it into your system faster but it also leaves your system the fastest.

You’ll likely feel the effects for around two hours and you can use inhalables multiple times throughout the day. However, if you’re not feeling the effects a couple of minutes after inhaling, wait at least 15 minutes before you try more.

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Bath bomb

If you’re using a bath bomb you should look for one between 30-150mg. Because you’re not actually ingesting the CBD you can use higher doses starting out. The CBD works on receptors in your skin rather than in your bloodstream. Be sure to follow the instructions on the bomb to ensure you get the most from it. It also helps to test it on a patch of skin to see if you have any reactions prior to using it in your bath.


If you’re using a topical, you won’t have to worry as much about how to dose CBD. It doesn’t hit your bloodstream, but it still provides all of the benefits you want.

Can I overdose on CBD?

This is one question that many people are concerned with when they’re learning how to dose CBD and the short answer is no. In clinical trials up to 1,200mg a day were administered with no adverse side-effects.

The main thing you want to watch for is whether the product you’re using contains THC. If it does, you can become uncomfortable and get a bit of anxiety if you take too large a dose or aren’t familiar with THC’s effects.

CBD products to try

If you’re learning how to dose CBD, here are a few beginner products to try:

CBD Cara-Melts

These are excellent for anyone who enjoys caramel flavors. Each melt contains a mere 10mg of CBD, which means that once you’ve gotten used to them you should even be able to pop one of these in your mouth while you’re out and about the same as you would any other treat.

#4 Kush-Indica

This particular bud contains 10% CBD and 6% Indica. So this is a great option for those seeking relief from muscle aches and pains, nausea and headaches.

Kush Oil CBD Disposable Vape Pen

You don’t have to worry about charging this vape pen or re-filling it with cartridges. When it’s empty you simply purchase another, so it takes a lot of the the guesswork out of vaping. If you’re just starting out you should check out the ACDC flavor, which is 68% CBD.

Flowerr Botanicals- Peppermint Bath Fizz- 80mg CBD

This bath fizz is great for anyone dealing with aches and pains. With epsom salts and peppermint essential oils it effectively treats arthritis and muscle pain while also melting away stress. It’s also a great excuse for some “me” time.


No matter which type of CBD product you decide to use it is important to learn how to dose CBD. But once you’ve experimented with the dose and learned what suits you and your needs, CBD can be quite beneficial and enjoyable. If you’re considering CBD products, check out HootSupply’s quality CBD products here. We have a variety of CBD products that will delight beginners and CBD enthusiasts as well.

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